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How It All Started

by Jia Yin

Our Story

Our journey started in the year 2014, where we have completed in delivering our first ever project. Looking back at the good feedback and how amazing that our product has brought changes to the life of our customers, we decided that we wanted to grow, scale and bring the same customer satisfaction to a bigger market. We had never look back by then.

Since then our team size has grown in numbers with team members from different background, expertise and countries have joined us. With the same belief that we can improve our products and services while serving the same belief that we had all these while to the new market.

Our brand was once unfamiliar, unknown, and unheard of. But we grew bigger through project completion, stronger through experience and higher with our visionary mission.

And now, to further our expansion plan, we have reincarnated our self into a new brand – GLASITO

Our Believe, Our Mission

We summarise our business mission in a few simple words:

An Affordable luxury. A good product can be affordable, accessible and at the same time, environmentally friendly.

When we first started, we want to make this believe our mission, our statement, and our ultimate goal. We have sourced all over the world to find the right combination of suppliers, raw materials, technologies, and talents.

In the end, what we can offer is an all-in-one, end to end solution in UPVC window and door product supply. And we now bring these quality and affordable products to you with the ease of your fingertips, through the advancement in electronic commerce platform.

We understand well the trouble of sourcing, buying, and delivering the right materials, and we save all your trouble and time by simplifying it into a few clicks. Making, sourcing, comparing, customizing, buying, and delivering your product a pleasant experience that no one else in the industry can offer.

We take our commitment seriously.

The product benefits of UPVC materials needs no further introduction. We love that the materials itself are eco-friendly and energy-saving. But as we all know, quality UPVC profiles do not come cheap and it was often associated as a luxury product. And we wanted to break the wall by offering a quality product at a lower price. We want to make it An Affordable Luxury to be enjoyed by customers around the world.

Each of our team members knew we could achieve it. We take our commitment seriously to make sure we deliver the final satisfaction to all our customers.